Simple Facts about Micro Sized Puppies

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Published: 25th February 2011
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Teacup Yorkshire terriers are very little, that have a weight of only about five lbs at the most. There is quite a bit of knowledge to know about yorkiepoos though if you are contemplating such a very tiny breed of dog as a furry addition to your family.

Some pet seekers theorize that this tiny puppy is a specific type of breed where the size is always standard, but it isnít. Instead teacup dog breeders make every effort to breed little dogs in order to keep the size to a minimum.

It is to your benefit to see both the mother and father so you can get a better idea of the adult size your teacup puppy will be.

A yorkie puppy is going to be strikingly tiny at the time when it is ready to leave its mother. You need to make sure you are well prepared to take care of your new furry addition to your family.

Important facts to Remember When Taking Home Your New Puppy:

Many yorkies get hurt due to falls off furniture or from not being handled correctly. Children should be watched at all times when handling your new puppy.

Make sure you have a safe place for your t-cup yorkshire terrier puppy to sleep. The most fitting place for your puppy to sleep during the night or day when you are note able to watch them is inside of a dog crate.

Many people like to carry around their pocket sized puppies in a purse or other carrying device. This is totally fine, however you will need to be sure the fashionable purse is secure enough so that your puppy has no way of jumping out in no way

Health Issues to Be Aware Of:

As with any teacup yorkie puppy, your puppy could end up with a range of health issues you must know. You want to make sure this is something you are willing to take responsibility for.

Hypoglycemia is a sudden fall in the amount of glucose in the blood below average levels. The body utilizes glucose as its beginning energy source. There are many organs completely dependent upon glucose to work. The organ producing glucose and for storing it in a usable form, releases it into the blood stream, is the liver.

Tooth Decay In Dogs

Tooth problems can be prevalent in some breeds more than others. It is crucial that your new teacup puppy teeth are brushed daily

Dog Digestion Problems

It is vital that you feed to your dog good and nutritious foods where the first ingredient you see on the dog food package is a meat product such as lamb. This breed's digestive system is very sensitive, so extra care in food shopping is necessary. Feeding your Yorkshire terrier teacup puppy the right combination of foods is vital to their health.

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